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Hi! Welcome to Indigo Soul School

My name is Jan Taylor and I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Therapy Teacher and Intuitive Business Coach. 

Reiki and Crystal Therapy have changed my life and I would love to help you change yours!

My mission is to help women to step into their power and transform their lives by helping them develop spiritually and to then help them create an abundant holistic or heart-centred business doing what they love.

Do you love everything crystals, oracle cards, angels and archangels?

Would you love to learn how to invite the universal life force energy of abundance into your life?

Maybe you have your own holistic or heart-centred business and you need some help to grow it?


You would love to transition into your own holistic or heart centred business?


Join me and my lovely community TODAY in my fabulous FREE group for everything spiritual including all of the above

Your go to loving spiritual community in a private Facebook group and the place where I share lots of tips for spiritual & business growth

How I can Help You Further

Indigo Soul Academy

Are you EXHAUSTED from promoting your holistic or heart-centred business without generating desired results?

Are you OVERWHELMED with everything that needs to be done and actually feel more stuck than ever?


Lacking direction?

Struggling to know what steps to take to be noticed online and totally confused with all the techie?

As a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist, I completely get you and know how it feels to feel totally overwhelmed with all the information out there.

In the Indigo Soul Academy, I take you step by step with bite size courses that covering all the strategy and techie you need in easy to understand videos.

I share all my tips and techniques to stand out from the crowd and shine online. Just click on the button below to find out more.

Online & In-Person Courses

I am an approved training provider with the International Practitioners for Holistic Medicine.

I have created the kind of online courses I wished I’d had when I first embarked on my spiritual development.

There are my popular Certified Online Crystal Therapy Diploma Course, and my Certified Oracle Card Reading Course, an abundance course and many more….

All of the courses in the Indigo Soul School are available to purchase separately.

If you would like an array of spiritual and business courses at your disposal for an introductory monthly cost, then check out the Academy membership to the left of this post. 

Click on the button below  to view all my accredited online courses

I also teach Reiki and the Crystal Therapy Diploma course in-person. You will find my in-person courses in Albrighton in the menu.

My Spiritual Awakening

It's not easy for me to write about my spiritual awakening. I have 'ummed' and 'arred' and talked myself out of it so many times. It's not easy for me to tell my story... not because it's painful any more because it's not. In fact, I don't know why I find it hard, I...

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Space Cleansing

Space cleansing is not just important to do if you do any energy work but is a must in your own home to clear it of any negative or residual energy. Any building can absorb energy which can often be negative and it will affect the energy of anyone who is occupying the...

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Pendulum Dowsing in 3 Easy Steps

What is a Pendulum?A pendulum is a balanced weight suspended by a chain or thread and is simply a means of visually checking what the unconscious mind already knows. The pendulum is an extension of our inner senses and is communication with your higher self. Some...

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