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BRAND NEW – Oracle Card Reading Course

oracle card reading


* Do you love my card of the day?

* Do you love my test your intuition post?

* Do the cards always resonate with you?

* Do you realise that you are using YOUR intuition by choosing the right cards?

Can you imagine how it would be if..

  • You could draw the correct cards for yourself and your friends?
  • You could learn to get messages intuitively from the cards?
  • Maybe even start your own business on the side doing readings?

Then look no further..

Join my Oracle Card Reading course TODAY

This course is normally £97.

However, until 31st March 2017, it is HALF PRICE

ONLY £48.50 (approx. $119)

or 2 x payments of £24.25

JOIN NOW £48.50

2 x MONTHLY £24.25

What’s Included:

MODULE 1 – Grounding & Protection

  • I share a super simple way to ground and protect yourself and give you a phrase to say or think so that you can call in Master Reiki energy that I have programmed to call in angels and Archangels to protect, calm, centre and ground you.


MODULE 2 – How to do readings

  • I show you how I use my intuition to do card readings and give you a practical demonstration


MODULE 3 – How to Dowse with a Pendulum

  • I give you step by step instructions and my tried and tested top tips


MODULE 4 – Connecting with Spirit Guides

  • I share with you an exercise to find out who your guides are
  • There is also a meditation to connect with your spirit guides


MODULE 5 – Mastering Your Intuition

  • I teach you how to know the difference between intuition and those silly voices in your head and give you top tips to tap into your intuition more effectively


MODULE 6 – Meditation

  • I cover how to make meditation super easy so that it’s as routine as cleaning your teeth


MODULE 7 – Different card spreads

  • I show you lots of different card spreads for your to practice


MODULE 8 – How to set up your own card reading business

  • I share my top tips on how to set up your own business from what I have learnt from my experience. What to do and what not to do


MODULE 9 – Getting Over Your Fears

  • I give you tips on what to do when you fear takes over and will also provide a guided meditation to eliminate them once and for all.



You get the opportunity to take part in private exchanges in pairs each week to get some practice.

It is a 3 week course and weeks 1 and 2 are already available for you to view and you will have lifetime access to all of the modules and the programmed Master Reiki energy.

You can complete it at your own pace and revisit the modules as often as you wish.


You get me to help you and hold your hand every step of the way

If you have been aching to learn to do card reading yourself and this leaves you feeling really excited then act on your intuition and book on my course TODAY

I can’t wait to help you and watch you shine!

This course is normally £97.

However, until 31st March 2017, it is HALF PRICE

ONLY £48.50 (approx. $119)

or 2 x payments of £24.25

JOIN NOW £48.50

2 x MONTHLY £24.25