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Individual Reiki Sessions

Are you feeling a bit run down and a bit stressed? Do you long for a calm, peaceful and happy mind? Are you feeling a bit stuck and need to clear some energy blocks in order to move forward towards the life you dream of? An individual session of remote reiki energy with me will give you a calm and peaceful mind, happiness and general well being, together with consistent restful sleep and a course of reiki healing will start to clear deep seated energy blocks to allow you to move forward to the life of your dreams. Reiki has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined.
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Each session is individually tailored to your needs at a time to suit you and you will receive a report of the session.

What our clients say:

Testimonial from Justine in West Sussex, UK

I never thought it possible to feel and experience such amazing things through reiki as I have. I was so very cynical about it’s abilities to influence how I was feeling until I experienced it!! It quite simply blew me away right from the very first session!! It has brought me so much calm and peace when I’ve been drowning in emotional turmoil, it’s eased my mind, lifted my spirits and brought love to my heart when I most needed it. I now have a very profound faith in reiki and how it can help on so many levels. I can’t recommend it highly enough!! So my advice to anyone regarding reiki is take the plunge and try it, have a little faith in it and trust me after the first session you will be converted and that little bit of faith that you started with will grow hugely and you WILL notice all the benefits it can bring. Thank you so very much for opening my eyes and enlightening me with this wonderful experience xx

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Chakra Balancing Meditation

Feeling sluggish, rundown, out of sorts?Do you realise your chakras (main energy points) could be unbalanced?Would you love to be able to balance your chakras on a weekly basis?

All it take is 20 mins of listening to my meditation to balance your chakras each week to make you feel energised and ready to face the world again.
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